What Is Erectile Dysfunction, And How To Cure It?

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What Is Erectile Dysfunction, And How To Cure It?

What Is Erectile Dysfunction, And How To Cure It?

Erectile Dysfunction(ED) is a prevalent health issue that impacts around 100 million men across the globe and is considered to be a major health issue for the public at large. According to estimates, around half of males over 40 have some form of ED.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be defined as the failure to get or sustain an erection suitable for sexual intimacy. Everyone is unable to achieve an erection. Such events are generally considered to be normal. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that occurs when a man is

  • Inability to obtain an Erection
  • Gets an erection in a short time, but not long enough to allow sexual intimacy.
  • Inconsistently achieves a good erection

Understanding erectile dysfunction (ED)

The brain is involved in erections as well as hormones, nerves muscles, and the circulatory system. The systems are in sync to supply the erectile tissue inside the penis by supplying blood.

A man suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) is unable to get or maintain an erection during sexual relations. Certain males suffering from ED cannot have an erection. Some have difficulty maintaining an erection beyond an hour.

ED is a more common Trusted Source among males who are older According to research, however, it can also affect men younger than them in significant amounts.

There are a variety of possibilities for the cause of ED The majority of them are manageable. Learn more about the causes of ED as well as how to treat it.

What are the causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Penile erection can be described as a complicated process that involves your brain, hormones and emotions muscles, nerves as well as blood vessels. If anything goes wrong with one of these, it can lead to the condition of erectile dysfunction. Additionally, psychological issues like anxiety, stress, and mental health issues could cause or exacerbate the condition.

Sometimes, a combination and psychological triggers can cause the condition known as erectile dysfunction. The physical issue that impacts your sexual health could result in anxiety over having an erection. The anxiety that results could cause or worsen the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Let’s look at the reasons for erectile dysfunction one by one.

1. The risk of chronic illness:

A variety of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes atherosclerosis, and high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and Parkinson’s disease could influence normal erection.

2. Nerve disorders:

ED is a condition that occurs when the nerves that send signals to the penis have been damaged. Other nerve diseases that trigger ED include spinal cord injuries as well as multiple sclerosis and stroke. In addition, excessive pressure on the nerves of the buttocks and in the genital region may cause temporary ED.

3. The complications of surgery

For example, the prostate, cancer of the prostate and other surgeries or injuries which affect the pelvic area or the spinal cord can cause erectile dysfunction.

4. Erectile dysfunction is a psychological issue that can be attributed to psychological causes.

The brain plays a crucial part in initiating the sequence of physical triggers that lead to an erection. It all starts with sexual exuberance. Emotional and psychological factors such as depression, stress, fatigue anxiety, depression and low self-esteem may trigger ED. Anxiety about the way you conduct yourself sexually could cause it to happen.

5. Sleeping in a bad way It has been discovered that sleep deprivation is strongly linked to Erectile dysfunction. In fact, 72% of those suffering from sleep apnea i.e. the snoring problem, suffered from Erectile dysfunction. In addition, people with sleep apnea that was severe were significantly less testosterone-positive than those with the least severe type of sleep apnea.

6. Abuse of drugs and alcohol A moderate amount of drinking1 or 2 drinks daily — could have health benefits such as a reduction in the risk of having erectile dysfunction but drinking too much alcohol can cause problems with the process of getting erections.

7. Smoking and tobacco use Smoking and tobacco habits: There is a strong relationship between the intensity of smoking cigarettes and the severity of ED. Quitting smoking cigarettes can help enhance ED in a substantial percentage of smokers.

8. Obesity can have a negative impact on your sexual performance. Obese men have lower levels of testosterone, the male hormone which is essential in generating sexual desire and an erection. Obese people also have a an increased chance of having high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries which could reduce the flow of blood to the penis.

9. Drugs like antihistamines, antidepressants, and other medications that treat pain, high blood pressure, or prostate issues can affect what you can do in the bedroom.

Physical Causes of ED

ED occurs when:

  • The penis isn’t able to supply enough blood flow to the penis.
  • A variety of health issues can affect penis blood flow including the hardening of arteries or heart disease, excessive blood sugar (Diabetes) as well as smoking.
  • The penis can’t hold blood during an erection.
  • If blood doesn’t remain in the penis, the man is unable to maintain an erection. This can occur at any time.
  • Signals from the brain or spinal cord cannot get to the penis.
  • Certain ailments, injuries, or surgery to the pelvic region can damage the penis’ nerves.
  • Diabetes can lead to small vessel disease or penis nerve damage.
  • The effects of pelvic cancer treatments can impact the penis’s function.
  • Treatment of prostate, colon-rectal, or bladder cancer typically causes men to develop ED. Cancer patients should visit a Urologist to address sexual health issues.
  • Treatments for other health issues may negatively affect the erections
  • Patients are advised to discuss any adverse effects of drugs with their primary care physicians.

Oral medicines

The oral phosphodiesterase five (PDE5) inhibitors can be described as prescribed drugs that aid in treating ED. These medications are recommended prior to any more extensive treatments being considered.

The enzyme PDE5 may inhibit the action of nitric oxide (NO). NO assists in opening the penis’ blood vessels to improve the flow of blood and create an erection.

Four PDE5 inhibitors that are currently available on the market:

  • avanafil (Stendra)
  • sildenafil (Viagra)
  • Tadalafil (Cialis)
  • vardenafil (Staxyn, Levitra)

Emotional Causes of ED

Normal sexual action needs the body and mind to work concurrently. Troubles with relationships or emotions can lead to or worsen ED.

The most common emotional triggers that trigger ED include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Conflicts in relationships
  • Stress at work or at home
  • Stress from cultural, social, or religious conflict
  • Be worried about your sex’s performance

Is it possible to prevent erectile dysfunction (ED) can be prevented?

For those who are susceptible to developing ED due to their own behavior, it is possible to take steps to avoid its development. But, there are other reasons that may not be able to be prevented.

Many studies have suggested a connection between ED and obesity, high cholesterol diabetes, hypertension, as well as heart diseases.

Vidalista and Its Variety of Dosages could aid in preventing ED or help to improve the situation when it is already present:

Eat a healthy diet. A diet that restricts saturated fat consumption and incorporates many portions of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains may benefit those suffering from ED.

Reduce cholesterol. The presence of cholesterol in the blood can cause it to harden and narrow the arterial arteries (atherosclerosis) which can lead to the penis. Men can lower their cholesterol with exercise, diet and medication.

Maintain your weight in a healthy range.

Exercise regularly. Regular exercise can decrease the chance of ED. Select exercises you like and that will become the routine part of your routine. Apart from lessening the risk of ED exercising can assist in managing stress. Consult your physician prior to commencing any exercise program.

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