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Vidalistavilla provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all services that it offers to its customers. In the event that a client finds their purchase in a damaged condition they may request an exchange or refund of the item. This request should be made by the customer within 8 weeks of receiving the item. If the request for a refund or replacement is accepted, it is guaranteed by the company.

If the item is not in compliance with the date of delivery within seven days, we will provide an entire refund of the client’s funds. A refund guarantee is given if the buyer wishes to bring back the item , but without making use of it. Conforms to specific regulations.

Guarantees are granted on a request basis only. The request must be made by the customer. If you have a partial sequence, the remainder of the money is returned back to your client.

In the event of incomplete orders, customers can ask to be reimbursed vidalistavilla cost based on the items received by the client. Additionally, we assure our customers that the products purchased by them will be delivered in between 20 and 30 days. However, in certain emergencies, like natural disasters or even a disaster. It is vital to know that the likelihood of the happening is extremely low.

In the event of a delays or hold during transport or delivery, we inform customers via an email. If the customer isn’t able to obtain this information, they is required to contact us via an inquiry through the section for refunds on the website page. We’ll make sure that issues are addressed in a timely manner.

For any queries related to order dispatch or if you would like to understand more about the purchase status, please see our ‘Service’ section on vidalistavilla site: –